Sunday, July 25, 2010

It so hot!

This winter I said "I promise not to complain this summer that it is hot, if we could get some sunshine!"....ooops I think I lied. It has been so hot that I do not want to go anywhere. I know we aren't the only ones dealing with this heat so I feel for everyone. On a good note my sweet hubby started my sewing room, yay! I am excited to get a sewing room again. So needless to say I haven't been sewing much lately.

It is funny how some things will motivate us quicker than others??? Just like the quilt for Erickk on Trudy's Kick Arse Quilt. I read that and immediately said I need to get this done asap. And whata you know I made three blocks in no time at all and have them ready to go in the mail. But let me finish a project here, well I am working on it!

Speaking of working on it... my hexagon quilt along has been hanging on my design wall for ever. I finally decided on a layout, then of course I didn't have enough fabric (I know, right?). So off to the LQS I go & $20 later I am back at it again. I hope to finish it this week, Maybe since I said this on here I will be embarrassed if I don't hold up my word :)

I am always looking for healthy options when it comes to snacks & food. One day I was eating some hummus and some egg whites and it hits this reminds me of deviled eggs! I love me some deviled eggs...but they can be not so healthy. That's when I came up with this snack: Hummus Eggs! I love spicy so I did one in cracked chili pepper, one in jalapeno hummus. Try it sometime it may surprise you too.

And this is my baby boy ZEB!

Have a great week and stay cool!