Monday, August 6, 2012

My client's daughter brought back these fabrics from Africa and asked me to make her a quilt. Honestly the fabrics were not my usual taste so I was at a loss. Thankfully I had recently taken am improvisational quilting class with Denyse Schmidt that helped me losen up! This is what evolved from it, and I love it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lush Deer quilt

I am so excited to be finished with my husband's deer quilt. This project was really fun since I was designing the blocks improv as I went and then sized them all and came up with the final layout. It is machine quilted with a pattern that resembles wood grain to go with the woodsy effect in the fabric. I had originally seen a similar quilt here:

So I emailed Jacquie to ask if she minded if I made a similar quilt...she was so sweet and didn't mind.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gypsy vacation & Quilt stores

Just got home after a long over due vacation. Hubby and I decided to go on the fly....yep no real plans.

Day 1: Started in NC stopped at an auction at historical home place, checked out some quilt shops then stopped in New Market Va where we stayed at a B&B there. Later found a fun place for shooting clays...(The Flying Rabbit).

Day 2 & 3: Then we went to Lancaster, Pa....amish area. Quilt shops galore baby.

Day 4 & 5: After two days in the area we headed back to Blacksburg Va to do some hiking & thrift shopping. We managed a great hike at Cascade falls (beautiful) even though it was rainy ealier that day. While there I found an antique dresser & vanity, very old board games, pie tins for a great deal. oh I should just mention the very best donunt shop! Carol Lee's Donuts

Day 6 & 7: It was raining so we decided to head over to Asheville, NC and stay in a cabin for a few days. More quilt shops, farmers market, thrift shops (not good), yard sales....then headed home to a Rodeo.

All in all a fun trip and a patient husband! It is good to be back home in my corner of the world and see my two boys (one furry & one in college).

Now to get my life in order...wait do we ever get there??? I have to catch up on my sewing bees!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Drunk Love

Drunk love blocks for Mary in our Bee Splendid group. I have never tried this block before and at first it was not so fun. However, I guess after I got going I maybe relaxed a bit, then it was fun. It is always so cool to see all the different fabrics folks choose. I find it helps me to broaded my horizon if you will.

We are still working on the sewing room.... almost finished yay!

Happy Quilting & have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I finally finished a quilt!

In use on my bed, yay! I really like it.

Okay it must be an art to photograph your quilts....because it was really hard to find somewhere to sort of hang it & then the color isn't true. So if you have advice please do tell.

I had a really fun time working with a friend's long arm to quilt this top. It is a pattern called rambling hearts. Even though I am not a fan of hearts this one was perfect looking more like vines. I actually got to try another long arm doing some free motion quilting on a baby quilt. That one isn't ready to photographed yet. I need to put the binding on it first. I must say it was fun to do but not easy.

Now I need to get caught up on my August bee blocks!

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It so hot!

This winter I said "I promise not to complain this summer that it is hot, if we could get some sunshine!"....ooops I think I lied. It has been so hot that I do not want to go anywhere. I know we aren't the only ones dealing with this heat so I feel for everyone. On a good note my sweet hubby started my sewing room, yay! I am excited to get a sewing room again. So needless to say I haven't been sewing much lately.

It is funny how some things will motivate us quicker than others??? Just like the quilt for Erickk on Trudy's Kick Arse Quilt. I read that and immediately said I need to get this done asap. And whata you know I made three blocks in no time at all and have them ready to go in the mail. But let me finish a project here, well I am working on it!

Speaking of working on it... my hexagon quilt along has been hanging on my design wall for ever. I finally decided on a layout, then of course I didn't have enough fabric (I know, right?). So off to the LQS I go & $20 later I am back at it again. I hope to finish it this week, Maybe since I said this on here I will be embarrassed if I don't hold up my word :)

I am always looking for healthy options when it comes to snacks & food. One day I was eating some hummus and some egg whites and it hits this reminds me of deviled eggs! I love me some deviled eggs...but they can be not so healthy. That's when I came up with this snack: Hummus Eggs! I love spicy so I did one in cracked chili pepper, one in jalapeno hummus. Try it sometime it may surprise you too.

And this is my baby boy ZEB!

Have a great week and stay cool!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Down & Dirty in WV!

This weekend the family went to WV riding ATVs for a father's day trip. The weather was beautiful. It was so much cooler than at home. The trip started out not so good since we (hubby or me) left our bags (regular clothes & toiletries) at home! yeah right I was not happy having to get the necessaries at wally world at 10:30pm no doubt, but we managed. We had a great time riding in the mountains getting dirty. We all came home sore but safe. Here are a few pictures of our fun.

Clearing the path ....

Hubby & me playing around

Apparently I soaked his back...which he paid me back!

Me going thru a huge mudhole and was almost stuck....

This me after working myself into a sweat trying to get out...which I managed, yeah baby!

All in all a good family time!

Then on Monday I got my first bee block package!!! I whipped them right up and sent them on their way home altogether today! It was a lovely block which I enjoyed sewing it together.

Happy Quilting & have a great week!