Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gypsy vacation & Quilt stores

Just got home after a long over due vacation. Hubby and I decided to go on the fly....yep no real plans.

Day 1: Started in NC stopped at an auction at historical home place, checked out some quilt shops then stopped in New Market Va where we stayed at a B&B there. Later found a fun place for shooting clays...(The Flying Rabbit).

Day 2 & 3: Then we went to Lancaster, Pa....amish area. Quilt shops galore baby.

Day 4 & 5: After two days in the area we headed back to Blacksburg Va to do some hiking & thrift shopping. We managed a great hike at Cascade falls (beautiful) even though it was rainy ealier that day. While there I found an antique dresser & vanity, very old board games, pie tins for a great deal. oh I should just mention the very best donunt shop! Carol Lee's Donuts

Day 6 & 7: It was raining so we decided to head over to Asheville, NC and stay in a cabin for a few days. More quilt shops, farmers market, thrift shops (not good), yard sales....then headed home to a Rodeo.

All in all a fun trip and a patient husband! It is good to be back home in my corner of the world and see my two boys (one furry & one in college).

Now to get my life in order...wait do we ever get there??? I have to catch up on my sewing bees!