Sunday, March 14, 2010

The beginning...

So I am always intrigued by everyone's blogs and the connection to so many folks with similar interest that I decided to try blogging. I don't know yet how I will feel about it so we will see. I am also going try something different for me some quilt alongs...currently working on Rachel's of P.S. I quilt, Modify Tradition. Don't know how to do the linking thing yet but I fiqured most know whom I am talking about. Have a great week!


  1. good luck on this new blog!
    thanks for leaving us a comment at fun with barb and mary.
    You have a setting as "no reply" so I wasn't able to write back.
    You also have not included your email here, and maybe you are not publishing it - just wanted to say hi!

  2. How's the quilting coming along?

  3. to answer your question left on my blog...

    "Is it better to have a solid or mix some patterns? I was looking at your hexagon button and it looks like the colors sort of make solid lines but when we cut them they are a mix. I hope this makes sense???"

    You'll need a "solid" .. just one... that contrasts with all the fabrics you used... but you can use other solids in the making of the hexagons.. or small prints like i did... either will work!

  4. Hi there...I am, and have been lo these many years... a Jeannette too. That is also what I share as my user name. I hope we don't confuse anyone, especially on the quilter blogs...but if we do, let's make sure it is fun. On the other hand, I could understand how no one would want to be confused with me.

    I suppose I should have used an initial as well or something on my two blogs...but it has been several years now, so I will just plug along.
    Like your hexagons and the old fabric look. Have fun!