Friday, August 20, 2010

Drunk Love

Drunk love blocks for Mary in our Bee Splendid group. I have never tried this block before and at first it was not so fun. However, I guess after I got going I maybe relaxed a bit, then it was fun. It is always so cool to see all the different fabrics folks choose. I find it helps me to broaded my horizon if you will.

We are still working on the sewing room.... almost finished yay!

Happy Quilting & have a wonderful weekend!


  1. They're lovely, Jeanette! I think they might be more fun if you are working out of your own fabric and can just cut loose and sew - I found it a little intimidating to sew with a limited amount of someone else's fabric - needing to make sure that I had enough of whatever I wanted to use for both blocks. I want to try to make some out of my scrap bag - I think I'll like the process better!

  2. Very nice! It so fun to see how different they are all coming out. I am excited to see her put these all together. Great job Jeannette!