Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lush Deer quilt

I am so excited to be finished with my husband's deer quilt. This project was really fun since I was designing the blocks improv as I went and then sized them all and came up with the final layout. It is machine quilted with a pattern that resembles wood grain to go with the woodsy effect in the fabric. I had originally seen a similar quilt here:

So I emailed Jacquie to ask if she minded if I made a similar quilt...she was so sweet and didn't mind.


  1. I really love this quilt! I have three sons and this would be perfect for my oldest as loves the woods and deer. What fabric is that with the deer? I tried searching fabric shack for deer fabric but no luck.

    I also have a boy that turned 21 just last week. Weird ... isn't it?!?! I told him to be 12 again but he wouldn't do it.

  2. as it's a quilt for a man
    i'll refrain from saying that it's gorgeous...
    it's a very...
    what's a "manly" word for gorgeous?

  3. Truly a labor of love! This quilt looks amazing!